This thing has been running a week now, which is not very impressive, but I’ve already come up with some things that need alteration and improvement as far as making this whole operation neat, organized, accessible, and generally easy to operate. Because I’m lazy like that.

I’m gonna give it another week before I revamp my entire category and tag system – if I do in fact decide that needs to happen. I’m not totally satisfied with the way it works as is, but this might be the best I can do with the WordPress system.

The major change I’m making is that I’m going to make every review a separate post. That might mean two or three updates a night, depending on how much I watch and how ambitious I am. But I feel like that will be a lot easier on me (more focus, less rush), and on any of the (few) people who read this who are only interested in specific items or shows. I’m also hoping that next week I’ll expand my content a little bit and do something other than a review. But it’s a busy week for television, so that might not work out. We’ll see.

That’s all for today (no actual content, strictly business, as it were). Tomorrow, this week’s schedule, which is busy and marvelous. And then, on Monday, the real excitement starts!

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