Requisite Emmys Post Part II – Results

So I hear the Emmys were pretty good. For a televised awards show. I didn’t watch, as planned, mostly because we had dinner company, but also because, well, blehh.

But apparently I missed some fairly exciting things. Like a Dr. Horrible cameo. Alas.

Anyway, here’s a quick-and-dirty winners list (can you tell how much I just don’t care?):

Best Drama: Mad Men (I’m just shocked.)

Best Comedy: 30 Rock (Again, shocked.)

Best Actor (Drama): Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad

Best Actress (Drama): Glenn Close of Damages

Best Supporting Actor (Drama): Michael Emerson of Lost

Best Supporting Actress (Drama): Cherry Jones of 24 (Yesss!!!)

Best Actor (Comedy): Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock (See: note after Best Comedy)

Best Actress (Comedy): Toni Collette of United States of Tara

Best Supporting Actor (Comedy): Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men

Best Supporting Actress (Comedy): Kristen Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies (YESSSS!!!!)

Best Variety/Music/Comedy Series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

So, to conclude: The best drama/comedy/variety series winners? Duh. Alec Baldwin? Duh. But two of the actors I was really rooting for (Kristen Chenoweth and Cherry Jones) both won in their categories! so all in all, it’s pretty good times. Plus, I hear NPH was pretty phenomenal. (Which could probably also be categorized as a “duh,” but he’s too awesome for that.)

Thank god that’s all over. Full steam ahead for the new season!

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