Crazy Fucks and Desireable Objects

I have only one thing to say about tonight’s Daily Show: Rod Blagojevich is the craziest person in the universe, or the world is a lot more fucked up than even we pessimists think. “You’re saner than Palin” really was just about the only thing Jon Stewart could say, I think.


Moving on.

“Night of Desireable Objects”

Good description of tonight on television in general, cleanly linked to the script of the episode, but overall not all that connected to the general tone of this episode of Fringe. But maybe I’m just not thinking hard enough.

This was a somewhat sad reminder of why I haven’t been watching Fringe faithfully the entire time its on air. The story was perfectly respectable, things were gross, weird crap kept happening. But overall I was left with the disappointing thought that Fringe is such a poor follow-up to The X-Files.

And I don’t want to be thinking that, I’d rather be considering Fringe completely independently. This episode, though, the comparisons were right on the surface (I could probably track down the exact two X-Files episodes the paranormal plot reminded me of), and there were only hints of the things that make Fringe its own amazing self – notably Walter Bishop and crazy science experiments. Sorry, Fringe. You’re such good times when you’re really on, but when you’re not it just makes me nostalgic for The X-Files, which was a hell of a lot creepier, to be honest.

The good news is, it looks like Charlie is going to be around for a few more episodes. Although he sees to be dying. Too bad. Comparing Charlie to shapeshifted Charlie is a really excellent way of seeing just how talented Kirk Acevedo is as an actor. The show will definitely be lacking when he’s gone. Also in the good news category, it looks like Fringe won’t be completely abandoning the overarching plotline and killing time with some filler episodes. The small discovery of Olivia’s brand new superhearing and the fact that she is obviously jumpy (see: SHE ALMOST KILLED PETER) are, I think, just enough of a taste of things to come for an episode not intended as a major landmark.

General conclusion about Fringe: it’s time to come up with some new paranormal wackiness. It’ll be tough – The X-Files ran for nine seasons and that’s just one show – but I have confidence. And I’m really looking forward to next week. There are going to be exploding people! The effect looks like a cross between something that was used Season Four of Alias and the plane crash from Fringe’s pilot episode, but it’ll still be awesome(ly disgusting, which is what really matters).

(Also, I’m really proud of this post title.)

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