Looking *Forward* To More (winkwinknudgenudge)

“We’re running point on this because he had a vision we were running point on this?”

“So you’re saying…what? Everyone’s consciousness just jumped forward six months?” “Crazy as that sounds, yes.”

Pretty much.

I am really, really excited for more episodes of FlashForward. It promises to combine some of my favorite television series story elements, including but not limited to, time limits, overarching mysteries, intertwining storylines, and time-travel paradox. (Yes, visions of the future do count as time-travel.) And, beyond all that, it also promises to be of good quality.

Heading up the FlashForward project are executive producers Brannon Braga of 24 and David S. Goyer of just about everything awesome, including the new generation of Batman movies. (If you don’t know these guys’ names already, it’s time to educate yourself.) Between the two of them are pretty hefty credentials regarding intricate, twisted, and constantly surprising storylines, well-organized and well-paced storytelling, and carefully controlled suspense. And, if you didn’t figure this out for yourself before the first commercial break, some truly excellent large-scale mayhem.

The cast is equally phenomenal. Joseph Fiennes stars as alcoholic FBI agent Mark Benford and is, of course, excellent as always. John Cho plays his partner, Demetri Noh, and makes a surprisingly convincing FBI agent. Also, he’s funny. Hopefully that humor will endure despite his character’s omg-am-I-dead? angst, because someone needs to balance out the brooding that Fiennes is sure to produce. Also part of the regular cast is Jack Davenport (who I personally prefer in his Pirates wig and costume, but oh well) who, if the preview of next week is any indication, is going to be central to the plot. He’s got what looks like a very riveting scene coming up opposite Dominic Monaghan, who I’m looking forward to seeing in a non-nice/happy guy role. (Also appearing in this first episode: Seth Mac-freaking-Farlane!!!)

One episode down, and I don’t feel like I really know much of anything about how this show is going to operate. There are things that hold lots of promise, like Demetri Noh’s paradoxical lacking of a flashforward, and the Dominic Monaghan bit I don’t know anything about yet. There are also some things I’m kind of skeptical about, like the Befords, who seem to have the weirdest damn marriage I have ever seen on television. And through it all, I’m hoping/guessing that the balance of constantly twisting story and spots of (admittedly cheap) humor like the FBI division director seeing himself in the bathroom will keep FlashForward entertaining.

The last thing I have on FlashForward for now is what I’m sure will be a growing and changing list of predictions for what’s in store.
– John Cho or someone else recognizeable is going to turn out to be Suspect Zero (the person who didn’t pass out).
– There will be bodysnatching/memory wiping or copies of people.
– Someone in the FBI office (again, I’m guessing John Cho just because he seems like the most obvious candidate) is going to turn out to be either a double agent or a turncoat.
– The babysitter is not going to be all that important to the central storyline, just batty.

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