Verdict: Solid

I can admit when I’m disproven. Not gonna lie, I was not particularly interested in Trauma. And I mostly only watched it because I’m nursing a grudge on FOX for having such a solid Monday night lineup that no other network can compete. But after watching the pilot I have to say, it was pretty good.

– There was some overkill on the character development, but that’s understandable given that it’s the first episode of a new show.
– The characters are a little cookie cutter. There’s the one with the omgpersonaldrama, the crazy-ass maverick genius, the personality-less comic relief, the wise and wisecracking father figure.
– Some of the interpersonal drama seems a little bit over the top (see: Rabbit and Nancy).


– The actual procedural part of the EMT job is quite well done. It isn’t gross (which I usually root for) but it does seem credible.
– There was a helicopter crash. With fire. In the first few minutes. Things I was expecting? Not that. Which is a great thing.
– Cliff Curtis is playing the aforementioned “crazy-ass maverick genius” character and he is working it. He manages to play emotional and completely wacko with equal believability. And he has sweeeet car. (If only his name wasn’t quite so stupid…)

I don’t know that I would call Trauma’s pilot spectacular, but it was definitely solid. Medical dramas aren’t really my thing, just because I don’t have the same level of interest in them that I do in crime dramas. But Trauma does seem to be a cleanly presented show with decent writing and an impressive cast including Kevin Rankin, Jamey Sheridan, and Anastasia Griffith (who looks more and more to me like her brother Jamie Bamber every time I see her). It isn’t a great show, but it’s still early in the game, and it definitely doesn’t suck.

I liked it more than I’m making it sound like I did. Honestly.

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