Just In Case You Were Wondering Why Kristin Chenoweth Won An Emmy

(She’s also won a Tony and a Drama Desk award.)

This is the first time I’ve really loved an episode of Glee since the premiere.  And it’s  not just because bringing in Kristin Chenoweth inspires magic (although it does). The writers found the right balance between music, humor, and the emotional storyline again. And, most importantly, focus was back on the Glee Club and not on the primary subjects of the previous few episodes – namely, the many aspects of the insane rollercoaster that is the personal life of Will Schuester.

Yes, he is the main character. But I cannot possibly be the only person who wants to stab his wife in the face. And don’t even get me started on the awkwardsplosion that is the Emma/Ken relationship. Nevermind the excessive time spent on Will’s has-been-dom, which led to some of the most eye-burning moments of all time.

………okay. Now that that’s all out of my system:

“The Rhodes Not Taken.” How fantastic was that.

As the story progresses, I grow to dislike the Rachel Berry character more and more. Because she has a hell of a voice, but she is irritating as anything and I keep waiting for the attempts to make her sympathetic to work. The problem is, I can’t get past her leaving Glee in a diva fit, which annoyed me so much that not even Lea Michele’s magnificent lung capacity can make amends. If the show has one major flaw, it is Glee’s inability to live up to its message about giving everyone a chance to shine. Because no matter how many times the story or the characters say “Rachel Berry, you are not the star, everyone gets their chance to shine,” she always does.

My growing irritation with that trend made Kristin Chenoweth’s guest work all the more welcome. The woman is a bonafide superstar. And her talent and the delight she inspires really gave the show a pickmeup. Her comedy part worked because it was new, different, and not at least 50% painful. And the music? “Maybe This Time” actually made me tear up. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call talent.

The only thing this episode really suffered from was a distinct lack of Sue Sylvester. A one-liner is just not enough to sate my need for horribly politically incorrect hilarity. Thankfully, it looks like she’s going to be back and swinging next week.

Despite some continuing flubs, which are perfectly understandable given the show’s youth (as it were…), “The Rhodes Not Taken” was a very solid and enjoyable episode. There was lots of music time. And the music was good. Again. Finally. The writers didn’t go overkill-mode with the cheap gags – Kurt barfing all over Emma’s shoes was just enough. And one of the characters besides Will is finally getting some viable layers. I love the Finn character because of the sweet earnestness of him, and while I hate to see him lose some of that, his manipulation bit with Rachel (while deplorable and depressing) speaks to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Glee is going to grow to be a show with just as much true depth as entertainment value.

One last thing: Kristin Chenoweth should maybe possibly get another Emmy for her stellar performance in this episode. I’m just saying.

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