400M% Daily Dose of AWESOME

For those of you not already aware, someone in the Yahoo sphere has done a blog on the music of Glee that puts all of the best musical numbers from the show in one place here. Yahoo blogger, on behalf of every Gleek in the universe, I thank you ecstatically for making it easier for me to marathon Glee music and promise to sacrifice a goat to you as soon as I possibly can.

Now, to business. “Vitamin D.” My Gleek brain that lives for new, rousing musical numbers could not have been happier with last night’s episode. But when I put on my Analytical Reviewer Hat, I remember that there were parts of the episode I did not enjoy in the least.

I am a fan of moral ambiguity. I love me some gray area. But some of the situations on Glee are SO questionable and I have no idea what to do with them. Situation #1: Emma and Will (and Ken). What. The. Heck. Back when it was just an unrequited crush on one side, I was cool. When it developed into harmless flirting, I was cool with that too. But then they had to go and do the sidelong glance “Are you sure you wanna do this?” “Can you give me a reason not to?” bit (which I swear to god is a scene from some movie, I just can’t think of it…). I’m not sure what it is exactly about the Will-Emma-Ken love triangle, but it really rubs me the wrong way – I will put some more thought into that reaction and get back to y’all.

Situation #2 is, of course, Terri Schuester. I have never liked Terri Schuester. She’s written in such a way that I’m not supposed to like Terri Schuester. Up until this episode, though, she has at least been borderline sympathetic. Yes, she’s been doing some really horrible things (the lying, the faking, the bitching, the baby-stealing). But consider exactly how horrible it must be to be completely hormonally out of whack only to find out you’re not really pregnant, your body is just faking it, and the one thread holding your marriage together isn’t really there. Again, I’m not condoning her actions. She is a horrible wife and does not deserve Will Schuester. But then again, I have been feeling almost a little bit sorry for her. In “Vitamin D,” though, she drugs kids and reveals that she’s a goddamned white supremacist. There are few things I hate more than manipulators. Those are two of them.

Moving on to cheerier things, the music. Oh, the music. “It’s My Life/Confessions” has eclipsed “Maybe This Time” as my favorite number. And “Halo/Walking On Sunshine” wasn’t exactly lacking awesomeness. What really made the boys’ number great, though, was the drugs. Because, well, they were on drugs. Which not only got them all to be about twelve times more enthusiastic but it also provided unquestionable proof that Cory Monteith can actually act and is, as it turns out, hysterical. Even better, Artie finally got some solo time! I get the feeling he could easily become my favorite character if he’d just get some screen time. So in that sense, things are definitely looking up.

The most important thing to take away from “Vitamin D” is the understanding that Glee really is more than a cheery song-and-dance spectacular. It has plenty of excessive smiling, plenty of stylized costuming, more than enough not-really-stereotype casting. The music is fantastic and definitely the highlight of the show. But, as evidenced best by one Sue Sullivan and the Situations #1 and #2 I mentioned earlier, Glee also has some serious balls.

This post is the first time I’ve used the term Gleek, in reference to myself or others. I feel like a huge dork for it. But at the same time, I’m at peace with it. Because this is a quality show, and a successful one, the like of which we don’t see often enough.

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