Week of 10/11 – 10/17

Whatever strange, procrastinifying disease of the mind that has been infecting me the last couple weeks seems to be on its way out, and I’m hoping that exit will translate into me actually posting on time again. Finally. This whole slacking-off thing has really been bothering me. But hopefully its all done now.

I’m letting whatever I’ve let slip keep on slipping by, except for reviews of the two latest FlashForward episodes, because I’ve got some ideas I just need to put out in the world somewhere. I’m self-important that way. Generally speaking though, it is full speed ahead toward a new week in the world of Melted Brain.


There were new episodes of all the FOX animated series. I didn’t watch any of them.

8pm – House on FOX
8pm – Heroes on NBC
9pm – Lie to Me on FOX
9pm – Trauma on NBC
10pm – Castle on ABC

Hoping for some continued improvements on House, continued growth on Trauma, continued awesomeness on Lie to Me and Castle, and not continued ratings drop for Heroes.

8pm – NCIS on CBS
9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS

I will probably actually spend my Tuesday TV time watching Six Feet Under. Or Dexter. Or Mad Men.

9pm – Glee on FOX
10pm – CSI: NY on CBS

Speaking of CSI: NY, I should probably go back and actually finish watching last week’s episode. It was the start of (one of?) this season’s multi-episode cases.

8pm – Bones on FOX
8pm – FlashForward on ABC
9pm – Fringe on FOX
10pm – Project Runway on Lifetime

I WILL watch FlashForward as it airs this week! And I WILL review it on time!

9pm – Dollhouse on FOX

Dollhouse’s ratings improved last week! Keep watching it! Don’t let it die! It’s starting to get really interesting! And, the longer it stays on air, the more former BSG-actors will show up! Not to mention Whedon alums!

11:30pm – Saturday Night Live (Gerard Butler and Shakira) on NBC

…SNL has successfully found a stranger combination than Alec Baldwin and The Jonas Bros.

So, everything is more or less as usual this week. Which is fine, if not overly exciting. Next week, though, there are some changes coming up, like the series premiere of White Collar on TBS and the beginning of actual competition on So You Think You Can Dance (I don’t care about all the audition crap that’s been going on for weeks).

Some final notes of good news in the world of television:

  1. Rumor has it, new episodes of Chuck may be back sooner than expected.
  2. Full-scale promotion of V is in motion on ABC with some creepy close-ups of Morena Baccarin. (I’m getting pretty excited.)
  3. Only Beautiful People and The Cleaner have been cancelled so far this season. This is maybe more like mixed news, but at least nothing I care about has been axed yet!

Enjoy your week.

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  • Lena  On October 12, 2009 at 8:50 PM

    This has no real bearing on anything you have talked about, but it is TV…

    I don’t know if you do or have ever watched The Office, but I just started over the weekend, after an aborted attempt last year, and I’m really enjoying it. I actually often fast-forward through Michael and Dwight stuff in favor of Jim and Pam stuff, but I have to admit, sometimes Michael is not as odious as you would thing… I dunno. I thought I would share with one of the rare who actually marathon and obsess over TV shows the way I can/do

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