My World Is Not Going To End

There are a lot of things in my television universe that I am not pleased with. Even more that I worry about. BUT, it is not all bad. In fact, here are a few items of VERY GOOD NEWS in my world:

1. No matter how low the ratings get, all thirteen episodes of this season of Dollhouse will air on FOX. Thank goodness for contractual obligations. (Although actually, the ratings went up considerably last week!)

2. FlashForward has been okay-ed for a full season! As Heroes continues to degrade in ratings and entertainment value, this is show is starting to look more and more like a new home for my obsessive devotion tendencies.

3. Speaking of Heroes, SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY GOING TO DIE. A male original cast member is going to ACTUALLY DIE this season. This may not sound like good news, but IT REALLY REALLY IS.

4. TONIGHT MYTHBUSTERS IS DOING AN EPISODE REVOLVING AROUND DUCT TAPE! I’m really excited – especially since they’re also featuring clips of The Red Green Show!

That’s the news for now. Today should be full of updates because after my crazed rant/review of Heroes this week I’m feeling obligated to do a load of actual, thoughtful analysis. So there should be reviews of House, Castle, Lie to Me, and Trauma later today. Possibly also a joint NCIS/NCIS: LA post.

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