I Keep Missing These Landmark Stats


Now, in the world of the internet, 1,500 visitors to one blog over the course of a month is maybe not that impressive. But since my readership consists of Facebook friends, SideReel users, and the occasional Google searcher who stumbles onto the site, this is pretty damn exciting.

The actual number is actually closer to 1,600 now, so I sort of missed 1,500. Like I missed 1,000. And 500. And all other numbers that might seem vaguely noteworth in terms of my still pathetic but growing webpopularity. But Iwanted to definitely make note of this landmark. Because I am very VERY excited. And because I definitely need to think each and every person who contributed to that 1,500-some visits. And because I’m one of those people who relies on external acknowledgement to feel good about myself. So THANK YOU!

Hopefully we’ll see 2,000 before too long!

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