V – Do we care?

V, a re-imagining of a 1983 series, is premiering on ABC tomorrow at eight. There seems to be a lot of of this “re-imagining” going on in the sci-fi world, lately…

V chronicles the coming to earth of a group known as The Visitors – aliens who look and sound like incredibly delightful humans but who actually turn out to be lizard-bug aliens in suits. (And, no, that doesn’t count as  a spoiler because a: re-imagined series and b: already revealed in promotional material from ABC.) The show hinges on the various reactions earthlings have to these newcomers, which range from worship to mistrust to outright antagonism.

Personally, I’d really like to get a quality sci-fi series on television. I’m just not so sure this is it. It sounds a little…well, boring, to be completely honest.  The pilot is going to have to  have some serious wow factor for the show to earn my devotion.

The most sci-fi television street cred this show has so far is its cast, which includes Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk of Firefly (although Tudyk is appearing in the pilot but not listed as a major cast member), Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost, Joel Gretsch of The 4400, and Laura Vandervoort of Smallville. Joining them is a whole ensemble cast including Morris Chestnut and Scott Wolf.

The first nine minutes of V’s pilot are available here. If you ask me, they should have stuck to the creepy-as-hell close-ups of Morena Baccarin that  have been airing on ABC for weeks and let well enough alone, because the first nine minutes are not particularly interesting plot-wise and include one of the most poorly executed CGI explosions I have seen this decade.

So V has some serious work cut out for it in terms of fighting for survival, especially since it’s airing in “pods” – four episodes now, and then some more after the Olympics (that’s all the way in March, folks). Oy vay.

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