Here’s the News: 11/3

2000 hits, guys!

  1. It’s official: Adrian Pasdar has been let go from Heroes. The end has come at long last. Sad to see such a fine actor set loose, but the character was past due for an exit.
  2. Katee Sackoff is returning to television with a vengeance: she’ll guest star in the November 23 episode of The Big Bang Theory and she’s joining the cast of 24’s eighth season when it starts up in January.
  3. I don’t know if anyone actually watched Southland, but apparently TNT is going to air the already-aired-on-NBC episodes. No word if there’ll be any new ones coming.
  4. November 9-11, the CSIs are airing as a trilogy. I haven’t been keeping up with any of them and I do hate Miami something fierce, but it sounds freaking epic.

So yeah. Some exciting stuff. Mostly I just wanted to do a post that was slightly more substantial than “omg, people actually read this?!”

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