Dear Heroes, Are You KIDDING ME?

Dear Heroes,

What. The. Fuck.

That is the major death you’ve been hinting at?! Nathan Petrelli/Adrian Pasdar?


I am SO DISPLEASED. I honestly thought that Nathan Petrelli already counted as dead and that the hint from NBC about a major character death meant someone else. Like, you know, Hiro, who is dying. But NOOO. No, instead we are going to have to deal with the dreaded Miracle Recovery. Goddammit, Heroes! I was just starting to have real faith in you again, and you just HAD to go and do stupid crap like this. All those rumors this might be your last season? Yeah. I’d say so. And I’m really starting to agree that it might well be time.


(Oh, and sorry Adrian Pasdar. It will be sad to see you go. But I was kind of already used to the idea.)

Link to TV Fanatic for more of the same, only sourced and more professional-like.

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