This Week 11/8 to 11/14

Guess what guys – new episodes this week! Those on-hiatus shows are starting to come on back! Which means I’m going to be playing a whole lot of catch-up this week, because I definitely don’t have time to watch it all as it airs…woo!

7pm – Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey
9pm – Three Rivers on CBS
9pm – Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Ghosts of Christmas Eve on KBTC

If you’re in a location where you can get the KBTC PBS station, I definitely recommend both those programs as excellent music.

8pm – Heroes on NBC
8pm – House on FOX
9pm – Trauma on NBC
9pm – Lie to Me on FOX
10pm – Castle on ABC

8pm – V on ABC
8pm – So You Think You Can Dance (Top 16) on FOX
8pm – NCIS on CBS
9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS

Confession: I am not actually watching SYTYCD. There is definitely something to be said for it running during the summer season. Also, V – week two. We’ll see.

8pm – So You Think You Can Dance (Results) on FOX
9pm – Glee on FOX
10pm – CSI: NY on CBS


8pm – FlashForward on ABC
8pm – Bones on FOX
9pm – Fringe on FOX
10pm – Project Runway on Lifetime

Thursdays are ridiculous again. I’m happy to have the FOX shows back, but I think I’m going to miss the simplicity of only FlashFoward and Project Runway – of course, the latter of those two only has one more week…

Nothing new is airing today.

Which is good. Because I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do.

11:30pm – Saturday Night Live (January Jones and Black Eyed Peas)


So when I said some of my shows are starting to come back, obviously what I meant was that all of them but Dollhouse are. Yeah. Anyway.

In terms of the blog this week, I SWEAR I ACTUALLY AM GOING TO FINISH THE LIFE HINDSIGHT POST. REALLY. Mostly because I’ve now managed to finish ANOTHER series and so, thus, have to start working on a Hindsight post for that as well…as soon as I also finish up the BSG one that’s about a quarter of the way done and sitting in my draft bin.

Also on the agenda: last night’s SNL, and the unexpectedly aired Fringe and Bones episodes. Dear Networks, please don’t be bitches and change your schedules at the last minute. Especially on days when I actually have anxiety-causing things in real life. It just isn’t nice.

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  • Lena  On November 8, 2009 at 6:37 PM

    There’s no White Collar this week??

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