I Love Taylor Swift…Wait, What?

“I love Taylor Swift” is maybe not the number one Thing I Never Thought I’d Say, but it was definitely in the top five. However, I am perfectly happy to say it now in light of the latest Saturday Night Live. We should all take this as not an indication that hell  has frozen over and the apocalypse is night, but as proof that, every once in awhile, SNL is still capable of magical things.

In the interest of being completely honest, Taylor Swift‘s success was not a shock to me. I was definitely looking forward to it when I heard she was hosting. She showed off her comedy chops on the show last year during a short appearance in last season’s Save Broadway sketch (NPH hosted; Taylor Swift was the musical guest) and was one of the high points in an already high-quality piece. And I (like everyone who heard about or saw the VMAs) was really looking forward to see her publicly get back at Kanye West – and Joe Jonas and the media in general (see: Monologue Song) – in a public but oh-so innocent and good-hearted sort of way.

She definitely exceeded any expectations, though. This was overall one of the funnier episodes of SNL in recent days (certainly the best this season so far), and the audience had a chance to see not just one different side of Taylor Swift, but several. Her irritating teenager voice in the T.R.A.A.A.P.D. sketch was hysterical, if not completely unexpected, and the Hollywood Dish sketch was certainly no surprise. But seriously, who expected Taylor Swift to do such an hilarious Shakira impression? Or a dead-on (pun a little bit intended) Twilight parody? Never mind be credible enough in an installment of Scared Straight to (along with Kenan Thompson) make Bill Hader completely lose it.

Kudos to Taylor Swift for showing off a wider range of talent and a truly impressive capacity for sketch comedy. Thank you for being a performer with actual talent in this day and age. And, on behalf of America’s ultra-impressionable youth, thank you even more for not being a huge slut.

Other Great Moments From This Episode:

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