So Much To Do

I am really not sure how I got this behind. Well, I kind of am – I did opt to sleep instead of gleek it up Wednesday night, I did opt out of V in favor of Buffy DVDs, and I just plain haven’t bothered getting around to the Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday shows I missed. Plus, I completely forgot about Fringe (and Bones) tonight. And, my brain is just not functioning well enough to crank out even a minimal FlashForward review right now.


I am making a list of everything I have to do. Hopefully it will prompt me to act. At the very least, it should set off a chain reaction of guilt that will culminate in my spending my entire weekend in hermit-like penance, dutifully watching all the things I have missed and doing some mental flagellation along the lines of “You decided to do this damn thing, so do it you asshole.”

What I Need To Watch:

  1. This week’s House
  2. This week’s Lie to Me
  3. This week’s V
  4. This week’s SYTYCD installments
  5. This week’s Glee
  6. This week’s Bones
  7. This week’s Fringe
  8. Last week’s White Collar
  9. Bonus!: Several week’s catch-up on
    • NCIS
    • NCIS: LA
    • Trauma
    • CSI: NY
    • Three Rivers

What I Need To Write:

  1. Instant Replay for this week
  2. Glee review for this week
  3. V review for this week
  4. Anything else that seems necessary after I’ve finished my watchings.


I really love being me.

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