Reaction Time: “Brave New World”

“Brave New World” was a superb finale. I wasn’t sure how they were going to find the time to take care of Hiro AND the Bennets AND Samuel AND Sylar, but it all ended up working out spectacularly. And it was beautiful. Performances were out their best, and everything was highlighted by some exceptionally beautiful camera work.

All the storylines got wrapped up. So…now what?

Everything has been put in place for another season. Claire just outed the Specials to the world – it may or may not work out. HRG owes Tracy a favor. (Side note on Tracy: WHY? She did basically nothing this season and her only vital function was to get the Bennets out of a trailer in a ground, and I’m sure that could have been solved another way. Why couldn’t she just die, again?) And the kicker: Sylar is a hero.

Yeah, there could be another season. But is that really a good plan?

Obviously there’s the potential for some pretty interesting things. But, call me jaded, I have some serious doubts about how this could all turn out. Heroes hinges on a good guy vs. bad guy conflict. That’s just how it is. So who’s going to be the bad guy? Trying to work that conflict into the Normals vs. Specials is going to be beyond tricky, especially since there needs to be one major player bad guy and making that one a Normal just doesn’t provide enough excitement. (We saw how it worked with Danko: Yeah, he was bad. But guns are only so exciting when you’ve got characters who breathe fire or whatever.) Samuel could be the bad guy, I suppose. He’s not dead. But I can’t help feel as though he’s run his course and that trying to stretch him out further would just weaken the character. And, of course, there is always Sylar. Don’t get me wrong, I think Zachary Quinto has been beyond brilliant in this character, but enough is enough. Stop beating the horse; it’s dead.

Is the Heroes saga totally over with? No, clearly not. Not in the minds of the writers and producers, anyway. But I think this may be a moment where it is truly better to quit while they’re ahead. “Brave New World” was marvelously crafted. Heroes finally managed in this season to redeem itself from Seasons 2 and 3. So let’s not ruin it. Let’s not allow an opportunity for things to get bad again and sully this.

Let Heroes go out with some dignity.

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