Lost: “Sundown”

Tonight marks the very first time I’ve ever watched an episode of Lost as it aired, and may I just say: ABC is HELL OF irritating. Between the “Enhanced” (read: For Utter Morons) version of last week’s episode preceeding, the waaay overdone lead-in, and the cross-versing V ads, the whole experience makes the idea of just switching back to Hulu awfully tempting.

However, for some reason, as-it-airs television is far more exciting than online reruns. I don’t know why. But the difference is significant enough to make me think I’ll just put up with being irritated for the next many weeks.

As for the episode itself.


What the hell ass?

One thing I will say for this episode, it started with what is hands down the best fight scene of the series. Seriously. Fight coordinator Andy Cheng deserves a freaking medal. Hell, the whole stunt team does. That was insane and beautiful and incredibly creative.

And speaking of insane.

This parallel universe thing is just getting way out of hand. I thought it had already hit mindblowingly insane. But I was wrong. Because freaking Keamy showed up. Freaking Martin Keamy from Season 4, possibly the creepiest motherfucker ever to appear on Lost. And he was blackmailing Sayid’s brother, and had Jin tied up in an industrial size refrigerator. I don’t know where all this wacky crossing-of-paths (like Jack just happening to walk by in the hospital) is headed, but there had better be some sort of destination.

Moving on to what makes a little more sense, Smoke Monster vs. The Temple just got significantly more interesting.

And by that I mean there is no The Temple anymore, “Locke” has recruited Sayid (who has apparently turned psychopathic) to help him along with Crazy Claire, and now Kate is along for the ride…which ought to be veeery interesting. I highly doubt that Kate is going to turn evil, per se, but didja notice how she’s the only crash survivor left on the island who is not (possibly) A Candidate? If I had my druthers, none of this would matter because Claire would live up to her word and kill Kate for raising Aaron, but I have no realistic hope of Kate dying before the end of the series. So maybe she can at least work for the bad guys for awhile.

Sayid killed Dogen, which is I guess karmically just in some way or other. Not particularly shocking – once he shared his backstory he was obviously toast. Drowning him in the water-that-apparently-used-to-be-clear-but-isn’t-anymore-which-is-a-problem was a nice poetic touch.

The far more fascinating (attempted) killing from “Sundown” was, of course, when Sayid stabbed a knife all the way through “Locke” and it did nothing. Again, not particularly shocking. But suuuuper unsettling, especially since he didn’t even bleed or show any sign of discomfort. This of course begs the question, “How are they going to kill him at the end of the season?” I’m very worried that the answer is “They won’t, they’re going to trap him on The Island forever. Still.” Especially after last week’s wacko mirror-lighthouse-spy device with the numbers and names, Lost‘s final season is bearing an unfortunate resemblance to the days when Alias fell from glory (read: the final season). Like I said: worried.

Also worrying me: the fact that the Smoke Monster seems to be getting increasingly columnar – as in, decreasingly smoke-like. It’s practically entered the realm of phallic imagery. Someone needs to get on that, STAT.

Season Six promises answers. Did we get any this episode?

Well…we’ve been told that “Locke” is “Evil Incarnate.” (As long as this isn’t a lead-in to religious themes, I can possibly support it.) And there was reference made to getting “anything you want.” Could this possibly be the Magic Box that Ben mentioned once? I know, I know, he insisted he was lying. But it’s Ben. He lies all the time, and we never know how much he actually knows. But real answers? Nada. Not that I was really expecting any this early on.

I think that’s all the noteworthy points of “Sundown.” As per Lost‘s early-in-the-season M.O., I am SUPER CONFUSED. But this was an enjoyable episode, and things are certainly looking up from last week.

Final note: “Catch A Falling Star” is now officially the Creepiest Song Of All Time.

Quote of the episode: “Put the girl in the hole.”

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