This Week 3/8 to 3/13

Hey, so, the Oscars happened last night. (I didn’t watch them…) The world is more or less as it should be, because James Cameron got his ass handed to him. By the way, Avatar is not the top box office moneymaker of all time if you include inflation. Don’t believe me? Check ittt.

In other news that actually relates to Melted Brain, STUFF IS BACK! Shows are finally returning and it is pretty awesome.

8pm – Chuck on NBC
8pm – House on FOX
9pm – Trauma on NBC
9pm – 24 on FOX
10pm – Castle on ABC

Wow. Been awhile since I’ve had to choose what to watch. (Except really I don’t because I’m not caught up at all on Trauma or House so the “choice” is actually more of a given.)

8pm – NCIS on CBS
9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS
9pm – Lost on ABC
10pm – White Collar on USA
10pm – Southland on TNT

Remember, these are new, never-before-aired episodes of Southland. Mostly I’m just super excited for this week’s Lost because it is about BEN.

8pm – Human Target on FOX
10pm – CSI: NY on CBS

Wednesdays still sort of really suck.

10pm – Project Runway on Lifetime

…and Thursdays DO really suck (not even “sort of”). If you want anything to watch Thursday, SyFy is airing The Prestige starting at 9pm.

9pm – Caprica on SyFy

I will get caught up! I will! It’s just that I discovered yet another new show over the weekend…

11:30pm – Saturday Night Live (Jude Law and Pearl Jam) on NBC

Really do not care about Pearl Jam, but my one-sided love affair with Jude Law is still in full swing.

I guess the big news right now is that I have started watching a new show. It is…….The Vampire Diaries. Yeah, I know. I’m still sort of embarrassed about it. But seriously, it’s actually pretty good stuff. More on that as soon as I’m all caught up.

Also, this week will definitely include some more genuine reviewing because a) I realized that only one review per week is lame, and b) I miss it!

Enjoy your week.

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