Lost: “Recon”

This week, Lost was just crazy. Crazy crazy crazy.

And what made it so CRAZY?

Well, let’s start with the most obvious: the parallel universe (which better informed bloggers tell me is being referred to as The Sideways…even though it would probably be better off named The Backwards or The Upside-down or The Inside-out or The WTF).

In The Sideways, James Ford is a cop. An officer of the law. Can I please get a chorus of “WHOAHUHSAYWHATNOW?” I’ve been aware that things are an awful lot crazier off The Island than on it this season, but this really cemented the idea.

James Ford – referred to as Jim – is an LAPD detective partnered with Miles Straume. He goes on a date with Charlotte. He throws her out when she discovers his secret “Sawyer” aka “I’m still on a vendetta to find Anthony Cooper only now I have police resources (but I’m still not any closer)” binder. He tries to make up for it with a sweeping romantic gesture consisting of a “sad sunflower” and a six-pack. So he’s kind of Sawyer, and kind of not. I suppose the biggest difference is that Sideways Jim shaves on a regular basis.

Basically, the whole thing is all sorts of weird and I’m waiting desperately for someone to show up and help The Sideways to make any sense at all.

There’s a little hope that progress will be coming soon: “Recon” marked the most path-crossing since the actual 816 flight. Anthony Cooper (aka Locke’s daddy), Charlie’s brother Liam, and Kate all had encounters with Jim Ford, so maybe this is a hint that something might actually happen soon to demonstrate that The Sideways is actually part of a narrative and not just the writers going off on every imagineable drug-induced tangent to confuse the hell out of us.

I wish I could say The Island part of the story made any more sense than The Sideways in “Recon.” Unfortunately, that would be a big fat lie.

Sawyer is double…triple…quadruple crossing everyone. Which I suppose makes more sense than any of the red herring scenarios presented. I didn’t believe for a second that Sawyer and Widmore were actually teaming up to kill “Locke” (not that it would work). I was only slightly less dubious of Sawyer’s reporting to “Locke.” So Sawyer just setting those two up to duke it out so that he and Kate have a chance to escape makes sense…except for the part where I’m pretty sure you need more than two people who have no idea what the fuck they’re doing to pilot a submarine with suspiciously high ceilings  out of a time-space-vortex-thing.

“Locke”‘s camp seems to be fracturing just a little. Sayid’s descent into evil zombie mode seems to be going well. But Claire tried to kill Kate (this was obviously unsuccessful), “Locke” slapped her, and Claire and Kate ended up making up and becoming buddies again, mostly because Emilie de Ravin is a Class-A crier. “Locke” decided to reveal his true identity to Sawyer. And he told Kate that he had Mommy Issues. Oy. Vay.

So, what did we learn this week?

Mostly that The Sideways can, in fact, continue to get exponentially crazier. And also that “Locke” should never smile because it is THE creepiest thing ever.

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  • Sam  On March 17, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    Sawyer was head of security for 3 years with the Dharma initiative and I’m sure their sub came and went several times. I would think he has at least some idea how to pilot a sub and which bearing he should take when leaving (108 degrees).

    I thought a lot was answered, as it seems likely that Widmore’s team were the ones who were shooting at Sawyer et al in their time skipping adventures when they were rowing around the island.

    It also seems that either Jacob or Smocke might have known the Agira flight was going to crash land in 2007, which is why the Others were instructed to build a runway of sorts on the Hydra island back in season 3. The runway is probably the only reason the Flight 316 plane is still (mostly) in one piece.

    One last note, it makes sense that Sawyer advised Hurley not to tell people he won the lottery “coz they’ll take advantage of you.” Sounds like something a detective would say.

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