This Week 4/19 to 4/25

This week on Melted Brain: there will be a special post. Because tomorrow is April the Twentieth and that has all sorts of potential for hilarity. (Hint: post will have NOTHING to do with Weeds because I don’t give a rat’s ass about that show.)

8pm – House on FOX
9pm – 24 on FOX
9pm – Trauma on NBC
10pm – Castle on ABC

BSG’s Michael Trucco guest-starring on Castle tonight as a Beckett romantic interest. Sexiest thing ever? Quite possibly.

9pm – Glee on FOX
9pm – Lost on ABC
10pm – V on ABC
10pm – Justified on FX

It’s the Madonna episode on Glee – which, btw, is now firmly placed in its Tuesday-at-nine timeslot. This is such a bitch for my growing adoration of Lost‘s final season.

Nothing new is airing tonight. Wednesday is lame.

8pm – The Vampire Diaries on CW
8pm – Bones on FOX
9pm – Fringe on FOX
10pm – Project Runway (season finale!) on Lifetime

…this is maybe an opportune moment to mention that I actually haven’t seen any of this season of Project Runway.

10pm – Miami Medical on CBS

I also haven’t seen any of Miami Medical yet. I should get on that. Y’know, before it gets cancelled.

11:30pm – Saturday Night Live (Gabourey Sidibe & MGMT) on NBC

Why is she hosting now?

Anyway. I do actually have posts about last week’s Bones AND last week’s Lost about halfway done, I just keep being too lazy to finish them. Which is too bad, because I do actually have things to say.

I should get on that. Anyhoo.


For those of you not using SideReel, GET ON THAT. It is magic. And they’ve been putting together some really cool new stuff lately. So, check ittt.

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