Literary Levis

Since it looks like I won’t be getting my reviewing act together this week, here’s another installment of me highlighting commercials/ad campaigns I really enjoy.

This week, courtesy of my English class reading Walt Whitman, I bring you:

The Levi’s “Go Forth” ad campaign.

Until this was brought up in my English class, I will admit I had no idea that the text of these commercials was actually excerpts of Walt Whitman poetry. I’m uncultured like that. HOWEVER, I was perfectly aware that these commercials are exceptionally classy. I barely realized that what I was watching was in fact a commercial the first time.

For this first one, the voiceover is reportedly from a wax recording of Walt Whitman himself reading his poem “America.”

This second is read by an actor, so it’s a little clearer and a little more dramatic…but, let’s face it, not quite as exciting once you have all the facts about that first one.

These are some pretty spectacular bits of filmmaking, considering they only amount to two cumulative minutes. And they inspire some hilarious (if painful) comment wars on YouTube. Seriously. Read that shit.

Oh, and while I’m already talking about Levi’s, here’s my number one favorite Levi’s commercial of all time…not a coveted or impressive title, granted, but seriously: this impressed me SO. MUCH. when I first saw it. Talk about stretching the boundaries of acceptability on American television.

You just know they’d be sticking their hands in eachother’s ass-pockets if that wouldn’t get the commercial banned.


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  • Random Person  On May 12, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    It impressed you? Does that mean you’re gay?

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