They’re dropping like flies

If you please, take moment of silence – each – for the three Lost characters we, well, lost on Tuesday’s “The Candidate.”

It’s been a bit hard to tell of late whether or not the series would actually wrap up in time, considering all the new elements being continually introduced. Here’s the indication it is. We’re losing them. Not one by one, either. Three of my favorite characters just kicked the bucket – all three of them more or less willingly, no less. And I am damn depressed.

Sayid’s death was…okay,  I guess, all things considered. I mean, the Real Sayid died at the beginning of the season – drowned, interestingly enough. So losing Zombie Sayid, while sad, is not totally a tragedy. Especially since, thanks to Desmond’s counsel, he also redeemed himself in the process and gave us all one last moment of Sayid-style badassery to hold on to.

I DO have some serious problems with Sun and Jin’s deaths. First of all, HOW FREAKING UNFAIR IS THAT. THEY JUST GOT REUNITED AND NOW THEY’RE DEAD? GRAAAAAH! (…I really needed to get that out of my system.) More importantly, I understand that they’re the tragic romance of the series and so their death had to be tragical and romantical and all that shit. BUT. Remember how they have a kid? Who is now an orphan? Am I the only one who has serious problems with this? And – more importantly in terms of the Lost-verse, now we’re never going to know which Kwon was actually a Candidate. And, frankly, I find that irritating. Lost writers, if you’re going to kill off central characters you could at least give us some answers in (admittedly unequal) exchange.

The most depressing outcome of this episode for me is, I may need to reconsider my unconditional love of submarines. Or maybe not. I haven’t quite decided whether the awesomeness of all the action sequences outweighs the dreadful end result.

There is one sort-of positive that comes out of all this: for all that I spent the first few episodes being horribly confused by and hating it, The Sideways is now my favorite thing. Why? Because it means that people are not completely dead. In the case of, say, Ilana, I couldn’t fucking care less (I do not understand why she’s credited as a regular, central character for the season and I probably never will). But it is good to know that the Kwons can still be happy, alive, and pregnant.

Plus, The Sideways is getting REAL interesting. Especially with that odd look Locke gave Jin when he saw him in the hospital. I expect a whole bunch of cool stuff is just around the corner…once we get Desmond out of that well. Speaking of which, it’s now been strongly implied that Jack is/will be Jacob’s successor. Are we surprised? No. But I guess that’s how it had to be.

Final thoughts:

  1. Is Lapidus alive?
  2. When are we going to see Ben, Richard, and Miles again? I’ve been anxiously awaiting that storyline for weeks now.
  3. I’d love to know how many shipping fangirls and fanboys cried when the opportunity for Sawyer-Jack mouth-to-mouth was not utilized.

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  • Lena  On May 5, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    Ooo, Sawyer-Jack… I never considered that one. Interesting….

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