“The Truth” is Waaaaay Out There

In view of the most recent episode, I think it may be fairly said that Persons Unknown is getting much more interesting – which is crazy. I mean, it seems that the storyline has now passed through the WTF Let’s Confuse Everyone All The Time Phase and begun a more concentrated unraveling of the narrative. You’d think, in light of that trend, things would be getting a little less insane now that the show has started moving somewhat purposefully.

Well, apparently not.

Not that the continuing insanity is a bad thing.

Increased focus is definitely helping the Renbe side of the plot. I mean, I can’t say I was a huge fan of the sweeping romantic gesture moment in the taxi, nor of Kat’s terrible Italian accent, and definitely not of the Italian Armani mobsters who are, like, reincarnated Montagues or something. But Renbe getting shot at repeatedly, handled roughly by considerably handsomer-than-him thugs, and narrowly escaping being blown up? That is the sort of story advancement I can get behind. Especially since he’s actually made progress for once and gotten ahold of Joe’s photo (and hopefully some more information) from Ambassador Fairchild’s office. Progress? A few answers (or at least some more specific questions) coming soon? We can only hope so.

Speaking of Joe: what a bummer of an episode for him. I never ever want antifreeze poisoning, especially if downing four or six ounces of vodka in one go is the best cure. And as if all that wasn’t enough, now everyone has turned against him. Except for Tom, who is my favorite when he’s being an asshole, but who I find somewhat horrifying when he goes into I’m Here For Ya, Buddy mode.

But Joe isn’t really the big news from Creepyville for this week. Neither is Mr. Blackham’s decision to become a hammer-happy rebel.


…yeah, yeah, I realize I probably should have expected something of this nature, given she was a death row inmate and all. But the Persons Unknown writing team is tricky! They ended the previous episode on that note of Aww Erika = Sad Mommy and Aww Erika = Janet Ally, and then they opened “The Truth” on a note of Yay Erika = Blackham Tormenter (a position everyone can get behind), the Haha Bacon Moment, and the ultimate distraction of Oh Snap Lesbians!*

So forgive me for not seeing this whole ERIKA IS PSYCHO thing coming and for finding the very end of the episode shocking. I don’t mean the part where Erika basically forced Joe to confess his snitch status by threatening to withhold the vodka. I don’t mean the fact that she turned out to be responsible for the poisoning – I totally called that, actually. The shock moment came when she finished dumping the antifreeze down the sink and looked into the mirror and addressed Janet and was COMPLETELY INSANE.** Honest to god, tiny little Kandyse McClure is scaring the crap out of me on this show.

Even if we set my terror of her psycho-eyes aside for the moment, this is a scary development. Because she managed to poison Joe without Tom seeing her (at least I presume so; Tom is a tricky bastard so the whole sympathy routine could have been faked, I guess – and I almost hope it was). Plus, she’s figured out faster than everyone else stuck in town how to work the place. Since I doubt she is in on the conspiracy (she’s classified the same way as Janet according to Tom’s observation screens last episode), this is an excellent and rather chilling twist.

I am way excited to see what happens next.

*Seriously, what is it with this show and implied female homosexuality? First Tori and Moira (think about it! – it happened!) and now this. I mean, cool, I guess. But I’m sorta starting to suspect that someone on the writing/production team might have been watching all those female prison movies with Tom. Just sayin’.

**You know how I was talking about the Night Manager’s vague similarity to Norman Bates? Yeah. Cross that out. Erika’s psycho grin is very nearly on a level with the last onscreen moments of Psycho.

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