So You Think You Can Ouch

This is starting to get ridiculous. Like, maybe we should be renaming the show “So You Think You Can Make It Through The Week Without Going Through The Hospital And Also Dance” amount of ridiculous.

With Billy Bell benched, we’re three for three on injuries/weeks.

If I were the type of person to form elaborate conspiracy theories, I think this would be about the time to pull out my tinfoil hat.

I say again, this is RIDICULOUS.

And more than that, it’s starting to worry me.

I’m not worried that the dancers are being mistreated/overworked/whatever. Plenty before them have made it through the competition more or less intact – there have been grievous injuries before…just not this many all in a row. But that’s bad luck and bad timing, not a warning signal I think.

I am getting a bit concerned about how this season is going to wrap up. Because this is only the first week I’ve watched the show as it airs (it’s on Hulu now, okay?), and I skip the results episodes because they are a little boring and a little depressing and only have a little bit of dancing, I’m  little fuzzy on whether or not any eliminations so far have been purely according to audience vote or if they’ve all been judge decisions. But we’re getting down to the wire – down to five next week – so it stands to reason that the audience votes should be becoming the be all and end all decision maker.

Except there’s been this little problem with we’ve now had two (which may turn into three) weeks of dancers being eliminated by default. I’m holding out for Billy Bell because supposedly he could have danced this week if he felt up to it so there’s maybe a goodish chance he’ll be back rarin’ to go in seven days. But I’m concerned by how the whole sequence of events has maybe skewed the competition. Actually, that’s been a recurring theme for me the whole way through.

It took a few weeks, but the all-star format did win me over. (To be honest, it might have been the fact that they chose some of my favorites ever – awyeahCourtneyGalianoooo!) Not completely, though. The fact that only ten new dancers got a chance this season seems sort of unfortunate. And the fact that all the girls got eliminated so quickly. Which, frankly, I attest to the fact that the majority of viewers/voters are tweeny-bopper fangirls.

I tend to love the guys more too, I’ll admit. But it seems really unfair. Especially when we look at the contestants still in the running. Lauren, the lone female, is freaking amazing…but I’m honestly kind of afraid that won’t be enough to save her. I’m kind of afraid that Jose being adorable and AdeChike being adorable and Kent being adorable AND excessively complimented by the judges (seriously, is anyone else getting that sense?) is going to destroy her chances. It’s a bummer.

But hey, maybe all the guys will keep getting injured and she’ll just be the last one standing! (OMG, MAYBE SHE’S SABOTAGING THEM. Just kidding! LAUREN YOU ARE WAY TOO AWESOME TO NEED TO DO THAT, I say just in case someone reads this and takes it the wrong way. AND I MEAN IT – the part about Lauren being awesome, I mean.)

On a serious closing note, best wishes to Ashley and Alex on their recoveries (they were two of my favorites this season and seeing them go was a sad thing). And good luck to Billy Bell – I hope you stick around!

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  • Boycool  On July 22, 2010 at 5:58 PM

    Nah, Billy’s just milking it so he doesn’t have to do the stepping routine.

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