I Have Better Taste Than I Think I Do

Some universal television truths for you:

1) There is a lot of crap on television.

2) SyFy Original Series can usually be put in the ‘crap’ category.

3. I do my best to avoid the crap.

Of course, I do have occasional lapses in judgment. (Like, for instance, that America’s Next Top Model phase that will never be discussed.) And there are some gray areas – The Vampire Diaries, which is CW crack but also pretty original, for instance. And sometimes I derogatorize shows that don’t necessarily deserve it, just because I put on my critic hat for fun and anger is more fun to write and, I’m guessing, to read.

THE POINT IS, sometimes I forget that shows are actually good/enjoyable/whatever. Especially when I stop watching them on a regular basis. Case in point, Eureka.

Oh man Eureka.

That is a SyFy Original series worth your time.

Almost a year ago now, I started watching that show. Got through the beginning of Season 3, couldn’t find any working links, gave up, never went back to it. UNTIL YESTERDAY. Yesterday I was really bored and surfing around Hulu trying to find something to watch. And I encountered the newest season of Eureka. When the screenshot of James Callis in Eureka first showed up, I was tempted. But I didn’t watch, because I told myself I ought to catch up first…and when I realized that would take, like, time and stuff, I offhandedly rejected the idea and that was that.

But yesterday I was exceptionally bored, as I mentioned, and curiosity got the better of me. So I watched the season premiere. And it. Was. AWESOME.


Seriously people: Eureka is good on its own merit (actors, characters, wackiness), but the season premiere is Eureka + the 1940s + James Callis with a Panatlantic accent. There are no good times gooder than this. Oh, and the other two episodes of the season so far are pretty good too.

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  • forensicfanatic  On July 26, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    This season of Eureka has me SO excited so far. This is easily on of my favorite shows on television.

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