Jews Always Win Me Over

There are four episodes of Covert Affairs now, and it has actually started growing on me. We’re talking serious in-roads toward me liking it. The pilot was okay, the episode after was pretty lame, the episode after that was even worse, but “No Quarter”? Actually pretty almost awesome. I feel like Covert Affairs is finally a spy show.

I’m still sort of stuck on the compare-it-to-Alias thing. I can’t help it! I mean it’s a show about a female CIA operative and her awesomeness. And Covert Affairs seems to be trying to use the same three-quarters-techno soundtrack device that made Alias work so well. THAT SAID, I am no longer looking upon Covert Affairs with unquestioning disfavor in comparison. I mean, for one thing, it is a hell of a lot funnier. I don’t want to punch the heroine five minutes because her life is So Angsty. (Although if I did, I wouldn’t be afraid of her kicking my ass six ways to Pluto.)

Annie Walker is actually an incredibly personable character, not the ultra-lame girl next door I was afraid she was going to be. She has yet to become particularly remarkable, but she is credible for the time being. There’s just the right mix of excellence and fallibility in her skills. Instead of a horrible Mary Sue who is ultra-talented and super fashionable and never ever loses a fight, we have an extraordinary-but-mostly-believable human being. Awesome! And Piper Perabo has so far been able to pull off the whole multilingual thing without sounding like an improperly accented moron (see: Mark Valley in Human Target).

Even better than Annie Walker: Auggie. I am in love with Auggie. I know I am supposed to be in love with Auggie and that that is about 75% of his purpose as a character. But seriously. I love him. He is a nonstop fun-train of irony-based humor. And the issues with I Want To Be A Field Agent But I Can’t See And It Sucks And I Don’t Mind Saying So are really well handled so far – treated with more respect than if they were just token character angst, and not blown so out of proportion that I want to lose all empathy toward him. I’m still having kind of a hard time accepting the whole Blind Guy As Lead Techie thing – watching him at the computer takes a concerted effort of suspending disbelief – but I suppose I’ll just have to get over that.

Other things I have to get over: the married couple issues. They don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Which is sort of frustrating on the one hand, but the acting is good and the storyline (for what it is) isn’t too terrible, so I suppose I’ll manage.

That said, I’m ready for the REAL story to get underway, please. You know, with the possibly-a-rogue-agent Tahiti boyfriend? Yeah. Can we get going on that? I’d really like a real story to cling to. Not that this last episode with Eyal The Mossad Agent (Oded Fehr) wasn’t fun. He and his rapport with Annie are largely responsible for turning my opinion of this show definitively to the positive side – the bondage gear gag and the Swiss wedding might have helped a bit as well. Also the action scenes like the elevator escape (speaking of the bondage gear). I could definitely be happy with more episodes like that. BUT I STILL WANT REAL STORY, PLEASE.

At the very least give me some Sendhil Ramamurthy. Because he seems sneaky and good for an at least slightly interesting side-plot. Plus, he is The Most Beautiful Man In The World and I want to watch him be beautiful.

…is it a problem that this is a sort of a go-girl type show but I love the male characters most?

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  • Lena  On August 20, 2010 at 7:32 AM

    I have a prediction for later on (this may be my shipper voice talking, but I think in this case I have some validity):

    Major romantic entaglements: Annie is still in love with Ben Mercer, who is still in love with her

    She is clearly falling a bit for Jai (especially these last two episodes), who I suspect will actually start to fall for her, even though right now it is just his job

    Jai and Ben evidently have some sort of history that will add to the jealous male posturing

    I also kind of think that at some point either Auggie or Annie will develop feelings for the other- probably not both, and maybe not as an extended thing, but there are just a handful of lines scattered throughout that seem to be priming us for at least a little romantic complication there, if not a whole big one (I haven’t seen enough to feel comfortable making the call for a larger one)

    So there you have it.

    And it’s been renewed for a 2nd season, so lots of time to see if I’m right!

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