The Geometry in the Storyline

Let’s talk triangles.

In Euclidean geometry, the triangle is considered the strongest and sturdiest and most stable shape in terms of weight-bearing structures. Or something like that. I am clearly not a geometry/mathematics/physics/whathaveyou expert. Mostly this is just a heavy-handed gag lead-in to a discussion about love triangles.

The specific matter at hand: the new season of Bones.

After last season’s ways-departing finale, the whole crew was brought back together after seven months apart. Clearly there was a whole lot of emotional upheaval from that (see: the incredibly elegant demonstration of Cam-as-linchpin*). But if I were to bet money, I’d say that the change most Bones fans reacted to most strongly was this whole Booth Is In Love With Someone Else Thing. That’s kind of a big one.

It is also an enormous risk on the part of the writers. I’d say that Bones/Booth shippers are easily some of the most vehement and, well, CRAZED out there. (Seriously. Some of these people are obsessed to the point of demanding that David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel ought to be a couple in real life. It’s scary stuff, man.) So doing anything that might incite range from the legions? Gutsy, to say the least.  Not to mention incredibly difficult. We’ve seen how an attempt to pair either character off with someone else can go poorly – see: female FBI from last season who everyone (including me, I will admit) hated purely on principle, or pretty much anyone Brennan has dated over the course of the entire series.

I can think of exactly one instance where apparently splitting the Bones/Booth not-quite-romance worked, and that is Cam. (Cam!) The reason that pairing her and Booth worked is, she was a strong enough independent character to not be reduced to the level of invader, so to speak. There had to be fan support for Cam for her own sake – because no way was it gonna come from her being romantically linked with Booth.

To make Booth and his new love, Hannah Burley (Katheryn Winnick), work, the writers needed to pretty much recreate that miracle. Hannah had to be a character with real personality, real substance, a character who could connect with the audience in her own right. So far, I think it’s working out. I may not write fanfiction or make little heart-shaped icons or whatever, but I am definitely a supporter of the Booth/Bones relationship. I mean really – what fan of the show isn’t? That said, I really enjoy Hannah. And I can honestly believe that Booth would be in love with her to the point where the romantic tension between him and Bones is only coming in one direction now.

The writers have thrown in a few other tricks to make this love triangle function. Keeping the majority of Booth’s interest in Parker, for one. Distracting us with other goings-on like babies and all, for another. And the best in my opinion is the subtle adaptation to Brennan’s character. She seemed to have a lot more emotional awareness last season than she does now. Her denial of any feelings about Booth/Hannah is not quite totally impossible. Whether or not I really believe it, she is being written and performed in such a way that I could possibly buy that she is struggling with the situation but that there is also some genuine happiness for Booth and that her feelings are not totally diminished down to Oh Poor Me.

I don’t know how long Hannah is staying around – I’m fine with half the season, frankly. As long as the amount of thought being put into the formation of this love triangle is put into its development and continuation, I’m totally down. It’s emotional depth that makes a great counterpoint to the general silliness that is Bones. And it is certainly far more bearable than anything involving Sweets and Daisy.**

* Camille Saroyan is one of the most underappreciated characters ever! It is so frustrating that she is my favorite but never gets any love from the writers (nevermind the other characters)! Grah! Soapbox!

** I mean REALLY, can she just GO AWAY now!? Grah! Soapbox!

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  • ti2ger  On October 7, 2010 at 12:51 PM


    … Sorry for cyber-yelling, but I happen to really kinda like Hannah. She seems to be a well-balanced character, and honestly, I think this was needed for both Booth and Brennan. Fans might not like it (but then, they rarely do), but after last season (and episode 100), neither Booth nor Brennan were sure where they stood with the other. Their (not quite) year apart and Hannah’s presence have allowed them to gain perspective– unfortunately for the rabid fans, right now (at least), they’re moving in different directions.

    Besides, I think that everything this season is really going to let the writers expand Brennan’s character, which is always fun for me. :D (And if they don’t, I’m NOT gonna be happy. They’ve been given the opportunity on a silver platter– USE IT.)

    Sorry for turning this comment into my own mini-commentary, but to sum up– I agree. Completely. :D

    (Oh, and yeah, Daisy really needs to die or something. BADLY. :P )

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