Here we go again.

It is one of the most wonderful things of my life that Human Target is back. Because it is the best terrible show on television and not even similar series (lookin’ at you, Hawaii Five-0) can quite match up to its big bam boom craziness. At least, that was true last season. S2 matching up so far? Let’s discuss.

The show airing now on Wednesday nights at 8pm is not the Human Target of last year. Things have changed. Debatably for the better.

The budget is either lower or redistributed. I say maybe lower because there are a lot fewer gratuitous explosions and phantasmagorical CGI tricks (and also because one factor that almost led to the show’s cancellation last year was its overblown, disproportionate budget); emphasis seems to have shifted more to sneaking around and exchanging gunfire, which I’m pretty sure are cheaper. I say maybe redistributed because there are additions to the regular cast and the money for that had to come from somewhere (although maybe it’s this year’s alternative to big name guest stars? More on that later.).

Now. Concerning those aforementioned additions themselves. They are unquestionably the greatest change to Human Target this season. Regular female characters who (at least supposedly) have personalities and stuff? Whaaaat?

I’m somewhat torn on this development. In my initial review of Human Target, I name the three-man cast as one of my favorite aspects of the show. Smaller cast = more opportunity to develop character relationships.  That is good times and, historically, a hallmark of awesomeness. See: The X-Files, Moonlighting, et cetera. Of course, that sort of development also depends quite a bit on good writing …which, admittedly, is not one of Human Target‘s greater strengths. By a long shot. So, maybe the addition of a couple more two-dimensional characters is a good thing? Just so the dialogue doesn’t get completely repetitive? (Or at least so it takes longer for that to happen?)

At the very least the added female element puts a slight damper on the testosterone. And having women in the regular cast also forces the show to acquire a competent stylist, something that the female guest cast was definitely wanting for in S1.

The other major change on Human Target is (what I believe to be) an attempt to bring a little more consistency and coherence to the show. An attempt to…connect the episodes to each other! Whaaat? I don’t have a whole lot to say about Indira Varma‘s acting skills or contributions to the show in general, but the character she plays does help give at least an illusion of overarching plotline. And apparently Baptiste (Lennie James) is returning next week, so maybe we’re also going to make progress with the Christopher Chance backstory-related plot? How weird would that be, if Human Target suddenly became a series (as opposed to a sequence of really similar but pretty much disconnected action shots)?

I say again. I am excited this show is back. Whatever goes down in the near future.

Ok, well, maybe not absolutely whatever. A couple more Ames-centric episodes and I might need to shoot myself. Seriously. Janet Montgomery is not that cute.

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  • Tim  On December 15, 2010 at 9:55 PM

    To be fair, Janet Montgomery is really cute. Objectively speaking of course.

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