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Oh THAT Guy! Issue: 2

Alrighty, welcome to the new format and official debut of Oh THAT Guy (slightly new title!) as an on-going project. Here are five more guest actor types for you all to get to know and start being able to recognize as not just “Oh them” but as actual people. Yes!

(Remember: pictures link to imdb…even though it is sort of gross now…)

Henri Lubatti

Selected Appearances:
The Good Guys “Vacation” as Nikolai (2010)
Chuck “Chuck vs. The Mask” as Vassilis (2010)
Bones “The Devil in the Details” as Phillip Womack (2010)
NCIS: Los Angeles “Breach” as Safar Jaddalah (2010)
Dark Blue “Purity” as Reuben Pike (2009)
Life “Not For Nothing” as Professor Halliday (2008)
The O.C. [multiple episodes] as Henri-Michel de Momourant (2007)
24 [multiple episodes] as Jovan Myovic (2002)
Felicity [multiple episodes] as David Sherman (1999)
The X-Files “Mind’s Eye” as Dr. Wilkenson (1998)

Hey, apparently this guy’s from Seattle! Win! …more importantly, he is an incredibly unappreciated actor. The number of foreign nationalities he’s portrayed alone is impressive. To be clearly identifiable as “The Russian Guy” and “The French Guy” and “The Middle Eastern Guy” and godknowswhatelse takes a good amount of flexibility. To do that and also somehow find the time to do some acting? Wacky crazy awesome stuff.

Clea DuVall

Selected Appearances:
Bones “The Bones On A Blue Line” as McKenna Grant (2010)
Lie to Me “Blinded” as Michelle Russell (2009)
Grey’s Anatomy [multiple episodes] as Jennifer Robinson (2008)
Heroes [multiple episodes] as FBI Agent Audrey Hanson (2006-2007)
Carnivale [regular cast] as Sofie (2003-2005)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Out of Mind, Out of Sight” as Marcie Ross (1997)

Recently, she’s been taking on the role of Tough Girl, but she actually has an enormous amount of flexibility. Her characters, ass-kicking or otherwise, and regardless of the number of episodes they have to develop, have a consistent quality of honest human vulnerability. DuVall (whose name appears in most credits without the semi-inane capitalization) has actually done more movie work than TV, but she frequents both mediums on a regular basis.

Kathleen Munroe

Selected Appearances:
NCIS: Los Angeles “Killshot” as Aimee Su (2009)
CSI: NY [multiple episodes] as Samantha Flack (2008)
Moonlight “Fleur de Lis” as Tina Haggans (2007)
Supernatural “The Kids are Alright” as Katie’s Mom (2007)
Beautiful People [series cast] as Annabelle Banks (2005-2006)

Just compare the top two roles on this list and you can see exactly what kind of range this lady has. I’ve been a bit of a fan ever since she played basically the only not-totally-obnoxious character on Beautiful People, but its really the variety of guest work that shows what a solid talent she is. She looks like a few other actresses, so sometimes I think I see her when I don’t, but she’s worth keeping an eye on in years to come.

Fredric Lehne

Selected Appearances:
Supernatural [multiple episodes] as Azazel (the Yellow-Eyed Demon) (2006-2010)
Lost [multiple episodes] as Marshal Edward Mars (2004-2010)
Lie to Me “Life is Priceless” as Company Owner Kevin Warren (2009)
CSI “Burked” (2001) and “Turn, Turn, Turn” (2009) [different characters]
The Closer “Til Death Do Us Part, Parts I & II” as Eugene “Topper” Barnes (2007)
Bones “The Man with the Bone” as Giles Hardewicke (2006)
CSI: NY “Tanglewood” as Ross Lee (2005)
JAG “Odd Man Out” (2002) and “There Goes the Neighborhood” (2004) [different characters]
NCIS “Dead Man Talking” as Captain Graves (2004)
Firefly “Heart of Gold” as Ranse Burgess (2003)
The X-Files [multiple episodes] as Young Arthur Dale (1998-1999)
Wiseguy [multiple episodes] as Winston Chambers III (1990)
Mancuso, FBI [series cast] as Eddie McMasters (1989-1990)

At least in all the roles I’ve seen him in, this guy usually plays some sort of sumbitch or other. Really really well. He’s got an air of authority that is immediately recognizeable, and a gravelly vocality that lends itself well to drawling and to general assholery. His resume is a healthy mix of the standard guest work (my favorite discovery is that he played three different roles on three different episodes of JAG and its spin-off NCIS) and semi-regular, recognizeable roles on cult favorites like the first two items on the list. FYI: He is usually credited as Fredric Lane, which’ll tell you how to pronounce his last name properly.

Tom Virtue

Selected Appearances:
The Secret Life of the American Teenager [multiple episodes] as…multiple roles?* (2008-2010)
CSI “Random Acts of Violence” (2003) and “Working Stiffs” (2009) [different characters]
Bones “The Intern in the Incinerator” as Dr. Ted Reardon (2007)
Life “Let Her Go” as Fire Chief (2007)
Arrested Development “Queen for a Day” as Car Salesman (2005)
Even Stevens [series cast] as Steve Stevens (1999-2003)
JAG “All Ye Faithful” as Warrant Officer Scoggins (2002)
Firefly “Ariel” as Pompous Doctor (2002)
Star Trek Voyager [multiple episodes] as Lieutenant Walter Baxter (1995) and “Workforce Parts I & II” as Supervisor (2001)
Freaks and Geeks [multiple episodes] as Mr. Sampson/Mr. Simpson** (2000)

For me, Tom Virtue will always be the dad from Even Stevens before anything else. But the truth is, he has been in pretty much everything ever. Seriously. It is somewhat disturbing how many of his roles are called “doctor” or “voice on the phone” or whathaveyou as opposed to actual names. But let it not be said that he doesn’t stay busy. Generally, his characters tend toward the professional, the irate, the impatient, and occasionally the incompetent. He is almost always some form of comic relief.
*I do not watch this show so I am very confused by his being credited as “Reverend Stone” and “Minister” and “Jack’s Step Dad” all in multiple different episodes, intermixed
**Also have not seen F&G so I can’t say for sure whether or not this is an imdb flub or not


I Love Michael Ausiello


Because he knows things.

More specifically, he knows up-to-the-minute cancellation/renewal details.

Even better, he keeps this handy-dandy scorecard on EW.com, which saves me from surfing around to three million different websites in search of information about the future.

NBC, ABC, CBS, and the CW have all made their big decisions. Not everything is written in stone quite yet (because networks are like that with the finagling and the changing their minds) BUT, here’s a list of the outcomes I care about:


Chuck: renewed!!
Heroes: cancelled
Trauma: cancelled

I’ve written a whole post about my feelings on the Heroes cancellation (tragic acceptance) and went into my fears/expectations for Chuck about a week ago. The only thing I have left to say is, Trauma: everyone saw that coming.


Castle: renewed!!
FlashForward: cancelled
The Forgotten: cancelled!
Lost: ending
Scrubs: (FINALLY) cancelled
V: renewed

Scrubs is blessedly giving up on any new episodes and it is about damn time. FlashForward‘s loss is no shocker, nor is Castle‘s survival. But V…weird. Maybe because I haven’t been watching, but this one def surprises me. It must be better than I thought…or at least more popular…or something. And, THE FORGOTTEN FINALLY GOT CANCELLED! I have been awaiting this day for months.


CSI: NY: no official word yet
NCIS: no official word yet
NCIS: Los Angeles: renewed!!

NCIS: Los Angeles is maybe my favorite new show this season besides Glee, so it’s fantastic that it’s been renewed. I’m not worried about the other two…I mean really. It’s NCIS and a CSI iteration. They’ll never die. Yet.


24: cancelled
Bones: renewed
Fringe: renewed
Glee: renewed
House: renewed
Human Target: renewed!!!
Lie to Me: renewed

It was time for 24 to go, so that’s just fine. The big news here is that Fringe will be sticking around! I worry about how it’ll do next year with another J.J. Abrams series on air to compete with, but it’s definitely deserving of renewal. And Human Target! So excited!

the CW

The Vampire Diaries: renewed

That’s really the only CW show I care about right now. But I will add, Supernatural and Smallville were both also renewed. I could have sworn this past season was supposed to be Supernatural‘s last…not complaining, though, aside from the fact that I’ll have even MORE to catch up with. But Smallville? It just needs to die. That show has been on air for too long and the actors are too old to be running around as their same characters anymore. Please die?

These are just the shows that I’m at all concerned about. If you’re looking for news of something I haven’t listed, I definitely suggest you head over to the Renewal Scorecard at the Ausiello Files (linked above).

Reaction Time: An Epitaph

This is my last Melted Brain post about Heroes. Ever.


It’s official: NBC has cancelled Heroes and definitively crushed all hopes (however minimal) for a fifth season.

And I’m sad. I will miss it.

Heroes is incredibly special to me for several reasons. For one (and this is really important), it is the first show that I’ve watched the entirety of while it was on air. I’ve been with Heroes from the beginning – heck, I was with Heroes when it was in the promos-and-trailers stage. It was, in a lot of ways, my gateway into the world in which I now live: the world of TV geekdom. Heroes, the show itself and the supplementary material (i.e. simultaneous commentaries) gave me my first real introduction into the production of television and how the elements came together. Heroes sparked my interest in television as an artistic and narrative form. And it taught me that becoming invested in fiction is not necessarily a terrible thing. It also familiarized me with a whole array of incredibly talented people – writers, directors, and actors – several of whom I anticipate I’ll be keeping an eye on for most of their careers.

So, Heroes is integral to both my past and future as a lover of television.

But moving beyond my sentimental attachment, I will readily admit that this cancellation is not the least unexpected. And that it is right.

Sad fact: after a first season that started out slow but built to phenomenality, Heroes never peaked that high again. I love Heroes. But that doesn’t mean I won’t rail intently against the second and third seasons (particularly the second). Those were disastrous, and I think just about any Heroes viewer, die-hard fan or not, will agree. Those were highly disappointing periods of time for me, though the disappointment certainly didn’t damper my intense investment in the show, especially since there was always something after those worst parts to help redeem.

Case in point, Season Four and the season finale (now definitely the series finale) “Brave New World.”  That episode is one of my favorites from the entire series. It was beautifully done and it served its purpose to the absolute fullest extent. And, most importantly given this most recent development, it was conclusive.

Some commentary I’ve read about the Heroes cancellation has expressed disappointment on grounds of What A Shame To Cut Off The Story In The Middle Like This.

I disagree.

Not about it being a shame. I mean the part about being in the middle of something.

To me, “Brave New World” felt like an end – even better, an end I could be happy with. Sure, there were some loose ends. There always are. I can live with it. Especially since I feel like the major plotlines are all tied up. Nathan finally actually died. And the villains got taken care of in one way or another, which is really the main business of the series. It may be titled Heroes but, for me, it’s always been the bad guys who drive everything. So, with the season’s major villain Samuel in shackles and Sylar, perennial Big Bad, at a definite (if totally unexpected and frankly rather disturbing) stopping point in his character development arc, I’d say a conclusion has been successfully reached.

One could, of course, argue that the story was not done because the tail end of “Brave New World” set up for more storyline with that little Claire-revealing-herself stunt and the unknown elements regarding other characters. But think about it: if those last few minutes of the episode got cut out (or you just had no idea they existed), would you have any real feeling of being at an inconclusive transition point? I say nay.

If there is one thing I know to be true about the end of television series, it is that it is more like the closing of a curtain than an orchestrated apocalypse. The story doesn’t need to absolutely get wrapped up down to the tiniest detail, the characters don’t all need to be fully explained and their futures laid out. Those things don’t end; our being able to see them does.

That in mind, the ultimate goal of a series finale ought to be to pull out the stops to make that one episode the best that it can possibly be. Bring everything to a close, not a stop – keep some things open-ended. And above all, let the show go out with dignity intact.

And so, put in those terms, I find “Brave New World” utterly successful as a series finale.

I’m glad that Heroes went out strong. I’m glad it made it through the insanely rough patches to get to the end of Season 4 where we saw a near-recovery of Heroes‘ original appeal and excellence. And I’m glad that it ended when it did. The story closed on writer/producer terms, not ratings and network execs, with a pleasing mix of finalization and unknown.

Heroes, I love you. I’ll miss you.

Best wishes to everyone involved in the show from Tim Kring to Zachary Quinto on down – I hope to see you all working again sometime soon.

And congratulations. It really is a hell of a show.

Reaction Time: “Brave New World”

“Brave New World” was a superb finale. I wasn’t sure how they were going to find the time to take care of Hiro AND the Bennets AND Samuel AND Sylar, but it all ended up working out spectacularly. And it was beautiful. Performances were out their best, and everything was highlighted by some exceptionally beautiful camera work.

All the storylines got wrapped up. So…now what?

Everything has been put in place for another season. Claire just outed the Specials to the world – it may or may not work out. HRG owes Tracy a favor. (Side note on Tracy: WHY? She did basically nothing this season and her only vital function was to get the Bennets out of a trailer in a ground, and I’m sure that could have been solved another way. Why couldn’t she just die, again?) And the kicker: Sylar is a hero.

Yeah, there could be another season. But is that really a good plan?

Obviously there’s the potential for some pretty interesting things. But, call me jaded, I have some serious doubts about how this could all turn out. Heroes hinges on a good guy vs. bad guy conflict. That’s just how it is. So who’s going to be the bad guy? Trying to work that conflict into the Normals vs. Specials is going to be beyond tricky, especially since there needs to be one major player bad guy and making that one a Normal just doesn’t provide enough excitement. (We saw how it worked with Danko: Yeah, he was bad. But guns are only so exciting when you’ve got characters who breathe fire or whatever.) Samuel could be the bad guy, I suppose. He’s not dead. But I can’t help feel as though he’s run his course and that trying to stretch him out further would just weaken the character. And, of course, there is always Sylar. Don’t get me wrong, I think Zachary Quinto has been beyond brilliant in this character, but enough is enough. Stop beating the horse; it’s dead.

Is the Heroes saga totally over with? No, clearly not. Not in the minds of the writers and producers, anyway. But I think this may be a moment where it is truly better to quit while they’re ahead. “Brave New World” was marvelously crafted. Heroes finally managed in this season to redeem itself from Seasons 2 and 3. So let’s not ruin it. Let’s not allow an opportunity for things to get bad again and sully this.

Let Heroes go out with some dignity.

This Week 2/8 to 2/14

So the Super Bowl was yesterday.

That’s really all I have to say about it.

8pm – Chuck on NBC
8pm – House on FOX
9pm – Heroes on NBC
9pm – 24 on FOX
10pm – Castle on ABC

8pm – NCIS on CBS
9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS
9pm – Past Life (series pilot!) on FOX
10pm – White Collar on USA
10pm – Southland on TNT

Past Life is, as far as I can tell, a crime procedural centered on regression therapy. It could be really awesome, or just really wacko. I don’t know which of those outcomes I’m hoping for.

8pm – Human Target on FOX
10pm – CSI: NY on CBS
10pm – Leverage on TNT

9pm – Past Life (timeslot premiere!) on FOX
10pm – Project Runway on Lifetime

Fringe is taking a break, and Past Life is taking its place for a few weeks. (Maybe I’ll have time to actually get caught up on the former…)

7:30pm – Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on NBC

The Olympics are starting! Which means there’s not gonna be a whole lot else on TV for a bit. Because, really, what network wants to compete with that for ratings.

More Olympics! (Check your local listings for times/networks/events.)

I love the Olympics! But I actually only watch a handful of events. So mostly I’m going to be using this time to a) catch up on things, and b) WATCH MORE LOST. Yes, I’m hopping on the caboose of the bandwagon. I finally made it through Season 1 last night, and now I feel like a moron for not catching on before now. But hey. Better late than never?

This Week 2/1 to 2/7


8pm – Chuck on NBC
8pm – House on FOX
9pm – Heroes on NBC
9pm – 24 on FOX

I am SOOO behind on Monday shows. Well, only one week on Heroes. But two on Chuck, half the season on House, and all of Day 8. Yikes. Also, Castle is airing tonight, but it’s a rerun of “The Double Down.”

8pm – Lost (Catch-up feature and final season premiere!) on ABC
8pm – NCIS on CBS
9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS
10pm – White Collar on USA
10pm – Southland on TNT

Three-hours of Lost/Lost-related things on ABC. In case you weren’t getting this already, in the world of television, the final season of Lost is KIND OF A BIG DEAL. (And, of course, I don’t watch it…)

8pm – Human Target on FOX
10pm – CSI: NY on CBS
10pm – Leverage on CBS

I still haven’t even seen Human Target. Once I do, it may disappear from the weekly schedule (I have heard some fairly mediocre things).

8pm – Bones on FOX
9pm – Fringe on FOX
10pm – Project Runway on Lifetime

Fringe is another show that I REALLY NEED TO CATCH UP ON.

9pm – Caprica on SyFy

Also, last week’s episode is airing right before it (which is handy if you are like me and missed said previous week’s episode). In other Friday news, RIP DOLLHOUSE.

11:30pm – Saturday Night Live (Ashton Kutcher and Them Crooked Vultures) on NBC

It is amazing what goes for a bandname these days. There is no accounting for taste. At all.

Looking back at all the things that I’ve gotten behind on, it is going to be a very, very long time before I’m caught up. If that ever happens. Oy vay.

This Week 1/25 to 1/31

8pm – Chuck on NBC
8pm – House on FOX
9pm – Heroes on NBC
9pm – 24 on FOX
10pm – Castle on ABC

8pm – NCIS on CBS
9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS
10pm – White Collar on USA
10pm – Southland on TNT

10pm – Leverage on TNT

8pm – Bones on FOX
9pm – Fringe on FOX
10pm – Project Runway on Lifetime

8pm – Dollhouse (SERIES FINALE) on FOX
9pm – Caprica on SyFy

Once again, this is the SERIES FINALE of Dollhouse. It’s called “Epitaph Two: Return.” I am simultaneously majorly excited and extremely sad.

11:30pm – Saturday Night Live (Jon Hamm and Michael Buble) on NBC

8pm – Grammy Awards on CBS

I am still/again sick. And I still don’t have internet OR television service, so it’s not even particularly useful. STILL, I am trying my utmost to fulfill minimum blogbligations (e.g. Reaction Time on Tuesday). Also coming THIS WEEK (no, really!) Hindsight: BSG. Woo!

IN OTHER NEWS: It is my brother’s birthday. He doesn’t read this blog, so this is sort of an empty gesture, but it’s the thought that counts? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER.

Reaction Time: “Pass/Fail”

I’m so glad I got all caught up on Heroes for this week, because I think “Pass/Fail” might be my favorite episode this season.

Despite the polarity that the title seems to suggest, “Pass/Fail” was actually all about middle-ground and gray area – my very favorite thing, and the one element that, even in its worst moments (*COUGH*SeasonTwo*COUGH*) Heroes has managed to maintain.

Not a whole lot happened in terms of actual story progression, but some of the things that haven’t been all that clear so far in Season Four were fleshed out and given some real depth.

For starters, Hiro. Now, I’m a sucker for a good dream sequence no matter what the context or form is. But this was a great one. I feel like Hiro’s been the most altered character so far this season, and this was an excellent way of reminding everyone exactly what lies at the core of Heroes‘ least ambiguous good guy. (Nobility, and also quoting of Quantum Leap as testimony.) The whole sequence/plotline with the tumor still gets my disapproval because there was never even a remote possibility that Hiro was going to die. Miracle surgery (that the Japanese didn’t even think was possible?) and Magical Mommy Healing? Yikes. But at least the penultimate stage of Hiro’s storyline ended more or less satisfactorily. Extra bonus: George Takei in a judge robe and David Anders in a suit!

Moving on, this episode showed Samuel Sullivan at his absolute grayest. He’s generally expected as the bad guy, but he does what he does out of love? Mushy, cheesy, fourteen-year-old boy love? His better side was book-ended by the badder one – at the beginning he shaves with a straight razor (because he’s just that much of a badass), and at the end he makes the Earth swallow up a little town in the Midwest. Ultimately, he comes out scary as hell (possibly even more so than Sylar at his worst) and ready to do major damage. But the bulk of the episode shows a new aspect of his softer side – romantic love, not creepy cult leadership family love. And he’s partnered with the excellent Kate Vernon, who I like SO much better when she is not Ellen Tigh.

The third major event of “Pass/Fail” was probably my favorite. Putting Claire and Sylar (and Gretchen) together could have gone either very well or very VERY poorly. As it turns out, it was phenomenal.

Gretchen has been a highly confusing character all season. First, she was the least irritating Claire-friend since Zach and an intriguing potential villain. Then she became the face of all the wrongness that was the out-of-the-blue girls-kissing-for-ratings. But now, after this episode, I’m liking her again. She’s funny, and also just a really nice character, and Heroes doesn’t have those. Of course, to be fair, during the part of this episode where I liked her most, she was actually Sylar.

We didn’t get any definitive answers to the question I personally have been asking since Season One – “Why Claire Bennet?” – , but we got back in touch with the incredible grayness that is Gabriel Gray with success that hasn’t been reached since the first appearance of his mother. The odd connection between Claire and Sylar has been somewhat explained, and we may be headed toward An Actual New Development: Sylar without powers. By CHOICE. Wouldn’t that be wacky. I’m not sure why he’s off visiting Parkman(s). Maybe to get all the junk out of his head?

There was one MAJOR LEGENDARY FAIL in this part of the episode. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll assume that’s because you felt so much pain you suppressed the memory. I wish my brain would do that for me.

We’re coming in on the home stretch of Season Four, which may or may not be the ultimate end of Heroes. This is the time of the season when things need to start looking exciting and building up toward an explosive finale. And oh boy are they. I am super jazzed for the next few weeks.

Final Note:

Biggest Wtf Moment: Mohinder. Is that seriously all he’s going to do this ENTIRE season? Why in the world did they bring him back at all? He’s always been a little silly, but never THIS ridiculously peripheral. Oy vay.

This Week 1/18 to 1/24

I missed some stuff last night because I was too busy being dead tired/sick/post-moving. But I WILL CATCH UP!

8pm – Chuck on NBC
8pm – 24 on FOX (two-night two-hour premiere part two!)
9pm – Heroes on NBC
10pm – Castle on ABC

Have to catch up on last night’s installments of 24, but very excited. Also, REACTION TIME IS FINALLY BACK THIS WEEK! (Except I just moved and don’t have cable yet and will have to wait for “Pass/Fail” to go online. Curses! Foiled again!)

8pm – NCIS on CBS
9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS
9pm – Human Target on FOX
10pm – Southland on TNT
10pm – White Collar on USA (midseason return!)

I sorta kinda missed the first  airing of the Human Target pilot, so FOX’s lack of other new things to air Tuesdays at 9 is super convenient.

9pm – Human Target on FOX (timeslot premiere!)
10pm – CSI: NY on CBS
10pm – Leverage on TNT

So this is going to be Human Target‘s timeslot home. And expect a review/reaction for Leverage this week. I wanted to give it two episodes before voicing any opinions just because I was so very displeased with the finale.

8pm – Bones on FOX
9pm – Fringe on FOX
10pm – Project Runway on Lifetime

8pm – Hope For Haiti Telethon on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW
9pm – Caprica on SyFy (series pilot!)

I hope you are all aware of the terrible situation in Haiti right now. I don’t care which channel you pick, but I really encourage you to tune in, call in, and send whatever help (money or good wishes) you can.


Nothing new is airing tonight.

9pm – Figure Skating Countdown to Vancouver on NBC
9pm – Masterpiece Classic “Emma” on PBS

I’m a fan of figure skating, ok? And as for “Emma,” it stars the excellent Laura Linney and is bound to be some form of good times (it certainly can’t be any worse than the Gwyneth Paltrow* version).

Lotta stuff this week. I’m almost hoping that I’ll hate Human Target just so that I have some more time in my life for, you know, life. Oh well. Golden Globe results and some other news coming on the way (and by that I mean they should be posted by the end of the day).

*Not linked because imdb decided to break. May or may not be fixed later.

Reaction Time: Lightspeed Edition

Good news, kiddies: I’m finally all caught up on Heroes! Reaction Time will (finally) resume come Monday. The world is a little bit more right again. In the mean time, here’s some of my in-the-moment notes/reactions to the episodes I was behind on. There is a good amount of random hilarity, more rage, and then a smidgen of actual insight which I will expound upon later because I had A Genuine Moment Of Understanding. Given my penchant for verbal flailing and tendency to miss the obvious, this is KIND OF A BIG DEAL. So yeah. Reaction Time returning to its regular schedule Monday January 18th. I am hell of excited.

– Wow Petrelli family Thanksgiving. Less or more intense than I was expecting.
– Doug at Bennet family Thanksgiving as the only one who doesn’t know things. Possibly THE funniest thing that has happened on Heroes this season. I love being reminded about the comedy element of this show because it’s just so easy to forget.
– I knew this whole Lauren thing was going to come back around at some point. But WHY.
– We knew Samuel killed Joseph. Duh. But Jesus fuck that was scary. Also really pretty (the setting, I mean).
– Nathan-splosion. LOVE IT.
– I can’t believe he kissed Angela Petrelli. That is the most wonderful genius thing.
– Ah, roadtrips. The backbone of the Heroes universe.

– Of cooooourse. Because it’s a miracle we’ve gone THIS long without a dude with dopplegangers.
– Man make-up must suck for Dawn Olivieri
– Did they HAVE to use the cheerleader uniform for “Indestructible Girl”?
– The carnival is about six million times scarier as a carnival than as a traveling family of abilitied folk.
– Can Sylar please be the old lady in crocs all the time?
– I loooooooove having Sylar back, tick-tocks and all.
– I’m sorry, but Zach Quinto as Sylar and Milo Ventimiglia as Peter is not the most believable pair for a knock-down, drag-out fight. Just…no.
– Really? We’re gonna horizontal-crucify him? The. Fuck. The only way this could possibly work out well plot-wise is if Peter actually kills Sylar. And obviously that’s not going to happen. So. You know.
– The face-change effects are freaking amazing nowadays.
– Why am I okay with all this? Because I hate Gretchen. Even though she’s being the voice of reason right now.
– I am remembering how much I like Elisabeth Rohm.
– “Hatianed” might be my new favorite verb.
– …Claire just hugged Doyle. What. The. Fuck. Did someone take her brain?
– The symbol came back to Nathan’s palm.
– Now exactly why did we not let the big jerk man beat up Samuel? Especially since we know it was (probably) staged for Claire’s benefit.
– I will concede, returning to the Peter Flying rooftop is lovely and symmetric and poetic. Now can you PLEASE KILL HIM.
– “Even death?” “Why not?” Um, I don’t know, because it’s WRONG? (See folks, this is why it’s SAD that Nathan is dead. Key part: DEAD.)
– I hate Claire so intensely.

– The Mohinder voiceovers are the one thing I genuinely missed about him.
– Dear Samuel, Even Claire is not THAT dumb.
– OH NO. OH NO. They took away Hiro’s sense of REALITY? This could either be brilliant or go horribly horribly awry.
– Samuel was NOT an attractive child. (But he and young Joseph both get bonus points for being suuuper Irish.)
– Goddammit now it looks like I REALLY should have watched that Slow Burn thing.
– Also…are the doppleganger guys twins instead of just one? Because there’s usually two in a shot. But no more than that. It’s weird. (Also, who is he and why do I recognize him?!)
– Oh my god. Oh my god. The Hiro dialogue in this is AMAZING. This is even more nerdheaven than your standard episode of Chuck.
– Dear Emma, Why are you back? No-one wants you here. Why couldn’t you just stay away? WHY DOES SAMUEL WANT YOU?
– Oh, yeah, that’s nice writers. Just go ahead and DON’T show us the compass on the cello. Can’t have us figuring things out.
– Duplicate man in the House of Mirrors? Seriously? (Also, we are SO OVER the House of Mirrors. You already did the coolest thing you could do. Why couldn’t you leave it? Oh yeah. Because Claire is only marginally clever and it’s the best she could come up with.)
– Yeah, hey, remember how Doyle’s evil? You hugged him WHY?
– “Siren song”? Oh Jesus. But I guess that explains why anyone cares. (And I do love cello.)

– I’m glad that we are FINALLY FINALLY done with Nathan. But now Peter is all Season One Emo-y again. Oy.
– …y’know, maybe it’s a bad sign for Heroes as a series that it’s so much easier to root for the most villainous of villains that it is to root for the good guys. I mean, I’m a good guys rooter. I am. But there is no-one on this show I want victory for more than Sylar. And he is a BAD DUDE.
– Claire cutting herself. That is a nice touch.
– Bitch, you don’t mess with Noah Bennet EVER, and especially not TWICE.
– Dawn Olivieri you lucky bitch. Also, um, you should probably know about the last girl Sylar boinked…um…
– Awwww, Claire-and-Peter time! I’m sure that’s not awkward at all.
– Dear Edgar, What the hell is with your haircut and why are you being tortured when you genuinely want Samuel dead too?
– Wait. Wait. We’re not bringing flyboy back, right? Right? Oh. He just wanted to fly. That’s okay then.
– CLAIRE? OH that’s awkward. OH THAT’S AWKWARD. SO MUCH AWKWARD. Oh god that just makes me so uncomfortable on so many levels.

– How could this show get any MORE ridiculous? Try to make Peter a cult leader! Of course!
– Thank you for giving me my Parkman back!
– Oh yeah, Ando has powers!
– Great to see you, Kate Vernon. I am so glad you aren’t your BSG character.
– Dammit. Seeing that symphony hall always makes me angry that my city got the shitty Gehry.
– …having Angela Petrelli hate you gives you so much cred. Congratulations. You are finally a character that matters even a little bit.
– So good to have Hiro-and-Ando back! Hijinks! Win!
– And now Peter can see the future. Hoo boy.
– Oh my god. Why has Mohinder not been part of the Hiro-Ando team before? This is brilliant!
– Greg Grunberg and Jack Coleman have always been a great duo.
– I dunno about that electroshock therapy. But okay. Progress is better than none.
– End moment. See. This is why it’s good when Heroes remembers to be funny.