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HAPPY BIRTHDAY (and two weeks)

Guys, it has been a year and thirteen days and Melted Brain is STILL ALIVE.

And to make things even better, this week’s return is resulting in RECORD HIGHS for number of daily views. By a significant portion. And the best part is, that isn’t because of Glee! (It’s because of my Castle season premiere review. Wacky, huh?)

Anyway, to celebrate, I thought I’d share a little reminder of what a) is partially responsible for prompting the creation of this blog and b) what is entirely responsible for the name of this blog.

I present…the Hulu commercials:

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has ever visited Melted Brain, intentionally or not. You make my ego swell!







This is one of the best (which here means “most unquestionably hilarious”) shows ever.

SOAP chronicles the lives of two sisters and their respective mostly-adult families in the style of a satirical soap opera. It has everything you might expect of a crazed family comedy – sibling problems, in-law trouble, romantic entanglement, growing pains, et cetera. It also has the mob, a WWII veteran with access to explosives, a talking dummy, a transvestite, invisibility, and aliens.

…just kidding about the aliens. (OR AM I?)

Most importantly, it had phenomenal writing, even better characters, young Billy Crystal who is a) the most adorable thing on the planet and b) playing basically the first openly gay character on American television, and an entire cast of freaking BRILLIANT performers. How brilliant? This show was taped in front of a live audience. Yeah, that’s right, it’s not a laugh track you’re hearing. That is actual laughter. And the actors actually are that good.

If this show doesn’t make you laugh so hard you cry at least once by the third episode, you have no soul. If it doesn’t make you actually cry at least once by the end of the first season, you really have no soul.

I could try to list all my favorite things about this show and explain them to you. But I honestly don’t have the vocabulary. And besides, it is supremely self-evident. If you have ANY time this summer, make room for SOAP. It is fucking ingenious (and actually kind of revolutionary! in terms of content).

“I have one son who’s about to become my daughter, another son whom people are trying to kill, I have a lunatic stepson and a dummy living in my home and a husband who won’t make love to me. That’s not life, that’s something by Tennessee Williams!”

Confused? You won’t be after you watch SOAP.

(…that’s a lie. You will still be confused. But you will also be hunched over clutching a stitch in your side from laughing so hard.)

Yo Whedon-fans!

…I have something for you.

I was surfing the Animation and Cartoons channel on Hulu earlier (because I didn’t feel like I had the brain function to do any focused watching/reviewing) and, in addition to some great bits of nostalgia, I stumbled on this:

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted

It’s a motion comic X-men series written by none other than Joss Whedon (based on/created from the comic of the same name written by Whedon and illustrated by John Cassaday).

And it is pretty awesome.

For those who have no idea what a “motion comic” is (so, like me an hour ago), it is basically an animation made up of graphic novel illustrations that have been spliced together and edited so that they move. The original art is preserved, which is cool. But the overall effect is a bit stunted and, well, more than a little creepy. Once you get used to the style, though, it’s actually pretty interesting to watch.

X-men crazy like me or not, Whedon devotees can certainly find things to love in Gifted. The writing is very clearly his style. In a world that, unfortunately, includes no currently running Whedon series, Gifted is a wonderful relief.

There are some upcoming movie projects to look forward to in the nearish future – “The Cabin In The Woods” (Joss version of that style horror movie, starring a good many recognizeable faces) coming in 2011, and Joss Whedon has recently been announced as the director of “The Avengers,” which is currently set for 2012.

IN THE MEANTIME (and for those of you who prefer things more of the television persuasion), check out Gifted. It is pretty intriguing. For the visuals and style, at the very least.

2010 Mid Season Premieres – Part Two

A continuation of the list for January, here are the pilot/premiere/return dates for February, March, and April of 2010.


Season Premiere, Tuesday February 2nd at 9pm on ABC

I really don’t think there’s anything I can say that you don’t already know. Except maybe that February 2nd is also Groundhog Day and that may or may not be an hilarious coincidence. Also, seasons one through five of Lost are now available (legally!) online at Hulu or abc.com.

Past Life

Two-hour pilot, Thursday February 11th at 9pm on FOX

This show could be either completely ridiculous or completely ridiculous. Given FOX’s penchant for phenomenal procedurals, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and checking out the pilot.


Mid Season return, Thursday March 4th at 8pm on ABC

(no promotional videos for the return yet available)


V (Reimagined Series)

Mid Season return, Tuesday March 30th at 10pm on ABC

(no promotional videos for the return yet available)

A less enthused gah!. I am happy to see this has been relegated to a 10pm timeslot, though.

Day One

March 2010 – specific date TBA

NBC has already cut this show back from a Mid Season show to a mini-series. What that means exactly for the potential of Day One, I don’t know. But the cast has some recognizeable faces and competent members, and the premise is certainly intriguing.


Mid Season return, Thursday April 1st at 9pm on FOX

(no promotional videos for the return yet available)

Well, there’s obviously not a whole lot I can say about this. Except that Fringe returning on April Fool’s Day had better not be some FOX exec’s idea of a joke.

Miami Trauma

Pilot, Friday April 2nd at 10pm on CBS

The race to find the next ER continues. Miami Trauma (previously/alternatively called Miami Medical) is a medical drama featuring the intense stress of a trauma surgeon’s world and a group of incredibly attractive professionals (who are also presumably competent). Maybe this will work, maybe not (see: Three Rivers). Frankly, CBS is probably better sticking to its strengths – forensic procedurals and half-hour comedy.


Mid Season return, Tuesday April 13th at 9pm on FOX

I KNOW there’s no video of the back nine because Glee hasn’t even started filming yet. BUT, I do know that the second half of the season will include three additional Broadway alums, an emphasis on Vocal Adrenaline, and lots of new good times.

As with the January schedule, this is not EVERY premiere/pilot/return for February through April. Just the ones that I have any interest in at all. For more dates and shows, please see the excellent and continually maintained SideReel Midseason Calendar.

This Is What We Call BAD NEWS


Hulu, my favorite online source for free full episodes of good television (and pretty much everyone else’s) is in some financial trouble and could very possibly introduce subscription charges and/or pay-per view by earlyish 2010. Is this better than Hulu disappearing forever? Yes. If push came to shove, would I pay to use Hulu? Yes, probably.

But I still feel like somebody took Christmas.